Rentrak offers a sophisticated Control & Response Centre which is operational 24/7 and manned by trained operators. All events are recorded and controllers are constantly monitoring vehicle status and location. Vehicles are monitored in real time via GPRS technology with critical information displayed on screen such as driver ID, speed, location and time.

Rentrak is not a vendor of vehicle tracking and fleet management systems but has established relationships with all the major suppliers and has the capability to track and recover on any of these systems. Extensive in-house technology has been developed to ensure a professional Control & Response Centre that is able to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency situation.

Rentrak has a National and Cross Border recovery foot print allowing us to respond immediately in the event of a vehicle hijacking or theft. The footprint includes neighbouring countries which has resulted in a very high recovery success rate. It is for this reason that Rentrak is the number one choice as a reaction force amongst South Africa’s leading tracking companies.